Personal profile

Until my admission to the bar at the Federal Court of Justice in 2014, for over two decades, I was partner in a medium-sized law firm where I specialised in private law. I leverage the procedural and judicial experience that I have gained before the trial courts of ordinary jurisdiction to the advantage of my clients. It is also helpful that I have familiarised myself at first hand for many years with the other side of formal legal proceedings in my capacity as a judge at a professional tribunal with jurisdiction for affairs of the legal profession.

Formerly engaged as an independent instance lawyer (see curriculum vitae), I am extremely familiar with the working methods of fellow lawyers in the lower instance courts and with the concerns and needs of their clients, whether they be corporate clients or private individuals. I make all efforts to take into account such particularities while working towards establishing an alliance of trust with colleagues in the instance courts.

To my mind, this also includes a rational assessment of the chances of success of the appeals to be lodged with the Federal Court of Justice. When it comes to appeals against refusal of leave to appeal (Nichtzulassungsbeschwerden), which constitute the lion’s share of cases before the Federal Court of Justice, and, in statistical terms, evince a lower rate of success, the expectations of the client sometimes don’t match up with the reality of appeals proceedings. In my clients’ interest, I consider communicating this clearly during the preliminary stage to be an important part of my profession. However, whenever the lodging of an appeal is chosen, I shall make every effort to bring about its success.